A bad morning

This morning, I woke up with a very bad headache which led to a rather bad mood as well. I did not feel like getting up but I knew that apart from me there was no one on the farm who would take care of all the jobs that simply need to be done in the mornings. I did not write the morning post as soon as I wanted to and by now I’ve already done the first farm work shift. It’s late morning.The headache is a bit better after two pain killers but still noticeable.

I have to cook for the people on the farm today (and I hate cooking). As most people were supposed to be out in the morning, I decided to get the cooking done before the others are back and would be noisy, arguing and yelling, crying and more arguing as usual. If I have to cook, at least I’d like to do it in reasonable quietness – esp. on a day with a bad headache. However, after I finished my first farm work shift and managed to clean up the kitchen which was left in a total mess by the others, they already came back home. So I took my cup of coffee and disappeared into my corner of the house.

And here I am. I have to get one or the other translation done before I go out again and work more. I honestly don’t feel like doing any of it. I’d just like to go back to bed and sleep. And preferably sleep through the whole day, leaving others to do all the work. I often think about leaving here, finding a place where people would at least really appreciate all the work I do. A place, where people would think tidiness is more normal than having a house that often looks like a bomb has landed in the middle of it. There aren’t always other people to pick up your mess behind you – but I guess the people on this farm will never learn that.


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