Introduction to the morning hours blog

(This was originally published on Blogger, however, the WordPress community seems to be more supportive, so I moved over here)

The world of my blogs
The world of blogs is a world you need to spend some time with to understand it – and even after a few years of writing my own blogs, I still do not understand some parts of it, e.g. why do my blogs on one blog server get more comments than all the blogs on the other server counted together even though the ones with less comments (almost no comments) get more visitors and are updated more often? My blog about chickens on WordPress seems to get more comments than my blogs on poetrybooks, Lucy Lawless andother things on Blogger all together even though the Lucy Lawless and Lord of the Rings posts are the ones that attract the most visitors by far.

Why another blog?
I started this new blog because I wanted to get back into the habit of writing daily – even if it’s only going to be a little bit each morning (thus: Morning hours). Usually the morning is the only time of the day where I have time to do things like that while I am still energized enough. It would be great if I could find some support through this blog but after my past experiences with blogs, I do not expect it.

About being a writer
I am a writer, yet I have not published my own books yet. I know that I should probably try to write one page on one of my novels each morning instead of writing another blog. I should write for myself instead of translating books for others, reviewing other peoples good and bad books and writing articles for pages who do not even give me credit for writing them (copy-writing). The harsh reality, however, is that no one can just be a writer without enough financial support. I need to earn money before I can actually sit down and write.

At the moment, my life is so stressful that the idea of just writing on my books seems like a future that’s far in the future, maybe even an impossible future. I wished I would have written and finished my first novel when I was younger and still had so much time to “waste”.

Writing vs. writing

Yes, I do write every single day. I earn money by writing. I help other people earn more money by writing good articles for their websites. I help people sell their books in other countries by translating them. I help authors by writing reviews for a book contest site. I write a lot but it’s not what I truly want to write.

The problem(s)
Some people are lucky and live in a good environment, they have a home and people who support them emotionally. They either already have a lot of money or have the kind of day-time job that leaves them enough time to write on their books or poetry. I will not write much about my background in this first post but my life isn’t very rosy and I have one particular problem that puts a lot of worry and sadness in my life. Then there are other problems like money, not having a place I can call “my home” and not having friends who are interested in my writing. Even if I ask them to just have a look at my chicken blog, they never do so. One visit of my blog is too much for the “friends”. I know chickens aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but my friends also don’t care much about the alternatives. So I gave up on telling them about my new blog post, about my plans and never even started telling anyone more details about the books I have in my head (for the fantasy book I already have about 100 pages, character portraits and a few maps).

The possible solution: a blog
In the past, I used to write morning pages (I will tell you more about that in one of the following posts) and they did help me a lot. Actually, I already feel a lot better now that I’m writing than I did one hour ago (when I got up). I hope this blog will help me to find my own inner strength again and in the end get back to writing properly. So this blog will be a lot of self-talk, a lot of writing about writing – a mix of all sorts of things about the life and problems of a writer. A very confident dream would be that one day people would want to know more about their new favourite author and stumble across this blog to see that writing isn’t such an easy process and that the woman behind one of their favourite books had quite a few problems to overcome before she could deliver a great book. At the moment I am not that confident, so I only hope to be able to write something that doesn’t have to do with my paid jobs every day. Another dream would be to have one regular reader, someone who could be an online friend, some kind of supporter like you read about in books!

Maybe I will “see” you tomorrow (this blog is written in New Zealand, so the time zone will most likely be quite different to many of the people who visit this blog).


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