Blogger versus WordPress

Less than 24 hours after moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress, I already notice a difference: there are more people who “like” the blog or even follow it. With my other WordPress blog (about chickens!) I also noticed that people on WordPress interact with each other a lot more than I experienced it with Blogger. Blogger does have its advantages and so has WordPress. So what’s the difference? This is my experience:

Monetizing your blog

Blogger gives you the option to monetize your blog a little. My blogs over there have never been as active as other blogs are and I’m sure I could earn a lot more if I put more effort in attracting visitors but even with little effort, you can earn a little. You don’t have to upgrade your Blogger account, you simply have to sign-up for Google AdSense (or create an Amazon affiliate account or choose another affiliate option of your liking) and then put the content on your blog. I don’t like overdoing it and I want the ads and their content to fit into the look of my blog. With Blogger, it’s very easy to do those things and the results look quite good.
Wordpress doesn’t give you the same freedom. As far as I understand it, you have to upgrade to a professional WordPress account to be able to use ads to monetize your blog. So far I only earned $10 with my blog over at Blogger, so I don’t see myself spending almost $100 per year here on WordPress!

Writing blogs

I have to admit that I find WordPress a bit limiting when it comes to writing and designing posts. Maybe I just don’t understand it the right way and maybe you have to upgrade your account to have the options: but it seems like you can’t really change the font while you write the articles – all I see is the option to change between “Paragraph, pre-formatted  Heading 1, 2, etc…” and making the writing bold, underline it or turn it into italics, etc. No option of changing the font into “Comic sans”, “Times New Roman”, “Arial” etc.  On Blogger, I like it that I can use different fonts to play with the look of the blog even though I usually only use the same font.
Wordpress has the better option for categorizing posts. Blogger only gives you pages and tags, but no categories (or I can’t find them).

Blogger gives you more freedom even with a basic account. In WordPress, you have to pay if you want to change anything in the templates – which can be a bit frustrating. I am someone who doesn’t have the time to design a template from scratch, so I like the fact that Blogger let’s me choose one and then I can adjust it to my needs. I can replace the images in the template with my own etc. for FREE. I tried to do the same here in WordPress but get the message that changing things in templates is a premium feature for which I need an upgrade.


When it comes to the options and freedom without having to pay anything, then Blogger clearly is the winner in my eyes, but it lacks something: a really nice and active community. Yes, there are heaps of people using Blogger and there are a lot of blogs on all sorts of topics – the same is true for WordPress. The community on WordPress, however, seems to be a lot nicer to each other. People comment on each other’s blogs, give advice and online friendships can happen. There are some very nice people on my chicken blog and one nice reader/commenter is worth more than 1,000 visits that leave no trace (i.e. no comments).


The community is the reason why I returned here with my new blog. As this is a blog that I would like to stick to, it’s more important to me to actually be motivated and to reach a few people. It’s also more likely that I find one or the other supporter over time. On Blogger, I would most likely only get “visitors” who never comment and never return!


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