Dreams and dream journals – do they help?

I don’t remember what I dreamed last night but I know that I woke up in the middle of the night wondering why I would dream such a thing because it had no connection to my life, thoughts, ideas or fantasies at all. I used to keep dream journals in the past and they usually filled up very quickly. Some of the dreams were so colourful and fantastic that I thought I could use them in my books. However, none of my old journals (be it morning pages, dream journals or diaries) still exist. I burned them all.

I wonder whether it would make sense to start up a dream journal again. Do you keep track of your dreams? If yes, does it help you? Do you ever get inspirations from your dreams or even advice on how to deal with a problem in your waking life?



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2 responses to “Dreams and dream journals – do they help?

  1. Yes! I once had a really huge problem and had to make an impossible choice. On several nights I dreamed the outcome if I took each choice in turn. After that, it was easy to choose! I left him and never looked back 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this! I now actually have pen and paper next to my bed but during the last two nights I did not wake up and can’t remember any dreams… In the past I used to ask questions before I went to bed, might be that I need to take that up again.

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