Busy mornings

Today I find that there is not much time left to write on the blog. I might have to start and set an alarm, so I would get up earlier. Then I could write the blog before I have to let the chickens out. Who knows, maybe writing would help me to have better starts in the mornings. This morning I woke up before the chickens woke me up (they are usually my alarm clock) and was tempted to get up early and write, however, the bed was so nice and warm and outside was so dark. I also heard that someone else was already up and in the kitchen so I didn’t feel like going to get my coffee. I can’t stand people in the morning, esp. not people I don’t get along with even when I’m in a reasonably good mood! 

Speaking of chickens – for some reason they are making a lot of noise right now – so I better go and see what’s up. Probably just one of the cats sleeping in the wrong place (i.e. in sight of the chickens).


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