Dark but positive morning

Today I decided that I need to change my schedule in the mornings a bit. It’s becoming winter here in New Zealand which means that it’s getting darker in the mornings. When I let the chickens out and fed them yesterday morning, one coop gave me a look that said “Hey, even we chickens don’t like the dark”. And one of our roosters is clearly not a morning “person”. So from today on, I will wait another half an hour before I let them out, so it will be light outside.

Today is even darker than usual because the weather is quite bad. It has been raining in the night and in the morning it even sounded like a few minutes of hail! Of course the cloud cover makes it harder for the sun to come through – so yes, it makes sense to adjust my schedule which will also give me half an hour of time to write in the mornings. And if I motivated myself to get up a bit earlier, I might even get in a whole hour of writing. I would not use all of this on the blog, I guess, but also try to get started on one of my books again.

After all, if I don’t write those books, nobody will. And if they aren’t finished, they will never be published. The stories would remain untold and that would be quite sad. Maybe I will tell you what my different books are about in one of my future books (ha ha, so you can decide whether I’m an author worth following). Most of the books are fiction but I’m also writing one a non-fiction book about being a freelancer (which would be the easiest to finish!).

It starts to look a bit better outside now, the chickens sound active. Their coops are all over the property but more or less within hearing range because I want to be able to react quickly if there was something wrong with them. I will start my work day now but I am quite sure, I’ll see you again tomorrow!


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