Day off

Today is my day “off” which means that I don’t have to do the usual work on the farm (which includes a lot of cleaning of lofts and coops), however, I still have to do the chickens as no one in the house would be willing to take over those duties for just a day. Yes, someone “graciously” offered to collect the eggs (which should be done 4-5 times a day) and then ends up doing it only once a day and I have to jump in and collect all the other eggs anyway. And no one but me makes sure they get fresh water all day long. The morning and evening shifts (getting them out and feeding them and then getting them back in again) are also nothing that people want to do.

I’ll also have to write two press releases and one longer SEO text today – so my day off isn’t really that much of a day off but at least I don’t have to scrape poo today! I still sometimes feel like I need a bit of a proper break (haven’t had a break from the farm since the Hobbit came out) because my energy levels constantly feel rather low.

What is your day off usually like? How many do you have each week (I have only one and not even a proper one)? Do you feel like your day off really is a day off or do you feel obliged to catch up on things you weren’t able to do during the rest of the week? How do you recharge your batteries if you constantly keep going without much of a break?


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