Respect – where is it?

There is one thing I notice about the world these days: there seems to be a decline in respect and in common courtesies. People are always in a rush, want to get from A to B as quickly as possible and if they shove a few people around along the way, it does not matter to them. I’m not just talking about getting from their home to their work, school or university. It can also be getting from one point of their career to the next. Or winning the heart of a person and ruthlessly pushing other people out of the way.

Not having respect for other people can show in many different ways: not stopping for a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing because you can’t spare half a minute, not being on time for a meeting be it personal or professional, not doing the things you are supposed to do for someone and then coming up with weak excuses, being rude, lying, talking about someone behind their back but not being brave enough to tell them the things directly and the list goes on and on.

I try to be as respectful as I can possibly be even though I know that sometimes I am far from perfect. Sometimes I just want to be left alone and tell people so. Sometimes I just can’t stand being around the people in the house.

This morning, I would have loved to have breakfast before I start work on the farm, however, the overseer of all food has neglected to defrost a loaf of bread for this morning and I can’t get to the freezer at this time of the day because it would wake people up (they stay up very late, even the kids, and make a lot of noise without respecting my wish to sleep, and then they naturally don’t get out of bed before 10-11am which is when I already stop my first shift of work). All I had was a coffee because that’s rather easy and noiselessly to make. In times like that, I wonder what is so hard about showing a little respect by making things available to a worker who works hard in the mornings and who always makes sure that people can sleep in even though they don’t show the same respect in return late at night. When they wake up, there are fresh eggs that I collected from the chickens, their mail is on the table and the animals are all taken care of. Lofts and coops are cleaned out, manure has been bagged up, firewood has been collected and stored, sheep have their water and so on. Sometimes, there’s not even a “Thank you” for most of the things I do.

So why is it that people have such a problem with showing respect and gratitude these days?



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3 responses to “Respect – where is it?

  1. Your blog is so uplifting. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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