Money can buy a lot – but what if you don’t have a lot?

It’s evening here in New Zealand, so this is part of my “random thoughts” category. I haven’t had such a good day, so after writing this, I will spend some time in my favourite game “Lord of the Rings online” and spend some time being appreciated by programmed computer characters…. Well, anyway. Today, I browsed the internet for various things in a break and one main thing was to learn about mentors and whether there was a way for me to find one – a proper mentor not one of those motivational speakers who earn millions by shouting out things about the law of attraction and how they were so poor and are now so rich.

The problem is that it looks like mentors always want to be paid. As a child, I believed that someday I would find someone like Mister Miyagi, Captain Picard, Michael Jackson or someone similar. Someone to look up to, someone who would guide me, love me and help me become a better person and fulfill my potential – also someone who believes in me. But things like that only happen in movies and books. And if my life was a movie or a book, it would be a tragedy with only few glimpses of true friendship.

Money could buy me a mentor – but would a bought mentor even be the right person to have in my life? Probably not.
Money could certainly buy me someone to give me a hug. I’m sure someone would reply to an ad that says “$1000 for a hug”. But would that be what I need? Would it make me feel better? No.
Money can buy you a lot and even though there are many things I would like to have, money can probably not buy the most important things.

Money cannot buy me the teacher I long for.
Money cannot buy me a true friend.
Money cannot buy me the permission to stay in this country…… Well, or maybe it could. Rich people never have problems with getting visa. Just look at that Cameron guy who got residency without much problems. But my pending status with immigration is a different topic – one that weighs heavily on me and about which I might write at some other stage. Just so much: I will either live or die in this country. Which one it is, depends on immigration New Zealand.

I don’t have much money and a lot in life would be easier if I had more, e.g. I could finally find myself a place to call home. I could buy a better laptop that doesn’t always sound like it’s close to dying. I could relax for a while instead of having to worry about where the money for my rent and internet bill etc. comes from.

Yes, I know, there are very poor people in other countries and I often give to projects like Everland Liberia and more often to bird rescue and animal shelters (the ones I know and trust), but this is not what I am writing about here.



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2 responses to “Money can buy a lot – but what if you don’t have a lot?

  1. theeddadiaries

    I’ve just read the whole of your blog. It’s really well written and I want to know what happens next.

    • Thank you! So far I’ve managed to write every day, so that’s a good start, so you’ll surely find one or the other new blog post in the future.

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