How do you deal with disrespectful, mocking people?

Today was reasonably okay, however, the late afternoon and evening look like they will give the day a bad end unless I find a way to avoid the people in the house. I simply don’t know how to deal with the disrespectful and mocking behaviour of the farmer. How do you react when someone is disrespectful even though you’re working so much and doing them many favours? What do you do when simply voicing your displeasure at being treated like that doesn’t have any effect?



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3 responses to “How do you deal with disrespectful, mocking people?

  1. It’s one of those handle and blade situations, and unfortunately you’re holding the blade. Not easy. That’s not an excuse for him, or anyone, to be disrespectful to you. I’d try and find a way to say something now before it festers and you and end up snapping and saying things you may regret. Good luck.

    • Thanks for your comment! I guess my problem is indeed that I often carry things around with me until they start weighing down my own soul. I’ve carefully told my boss that I’m not too happy with some things and he seems to understand it a little bit, so let’s see what it’ll be like in the future!

      • Good luck. Hope he realises how important you and everyone else is to the success of the business. I hope you feel better for saying something. 🙂

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