Tired but inspired – and chicken sales

I got up reasonably early this morning even though the bed was nice and comfy and I was still tired and certainly not in the same kind of mood the chickens are in when they wake up. I felt and still feel like there is a lot to do today but it’s a mix of wanting one part of the day to be over and dreading it and of looking forward to the time when I can get back to the computer and dive into my own little world of words.

What I dread is the moment in which we have to sell a couple of our hens to someone who will come to pick them up between 9.30 and 10.30 am (I hate it when people give such a long time frame for their possible arrival!). The problem is that the farm owner and I have different ideas about the hens to sell. I chose six possible candidates and put them into some spacious cages so they are ready to be viewed later. We want to sell quite a few of the lighter coloured chickens because we simply like the other looks better. I had said “We should start the bidding at $20 and have a buy-now of $25”. But the farmer said we need to move the hens, so we should start at $15. Well, now someone bought them at $15 and when the farmer had a look at the hens last night, he said that he doesn’t really want to sell them at that price because they look too good…. *SIGH*…. He said he’ll have a look again today and also check out the other hens to see whether he can find some others – but the next “problem” is that I take VERY GOOD care of the chickens. They ALL look good. And I was the one who said start at $20….

The farmer also is someone who usually doesn’t get up early, so I might stand there at 9.30 am with people turning up and I won’t know what to do. I dread that moment. I hate it when the responsibility for something is delegated to me but I don’t really have a proper say. You know what I mean? And in the end it’s also my account that gets the positive or negative feedback for the sale. I just somehow have to hope that he’ll get out of bed and make a decision. This is not the first time something like that happened.

If he wouldn’t threaten me with “If you don’t put the hens on TradeMe, then we’ll start eating them”, then I would tell him that he can organize his own sales. But I don’t want those hens and roosters to be killed. There’s nothing wrong with them and most of them are still quite young and very nice looking. There’s just too many on the farm. Oh, I hope the universe will put some energy into motion and make this work out alright.


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