Blogs, interest and spam

When I started my computer just a few minutes ago, I sleepily typed in “morning hours” as my computer password – which is, of course, not my password. It just shows that I’m still quite tired but determined to keep the blog going. It’s nice to find comments on the blog from real people and so far the spam has been quite limited and filtered out by WordPress.

It makes me wonder why there are still people/companies out there who think that spamming WordPress blogs makes much sense. The comments in my spam folder on WordPress never make sense and are never in any way related to what I was writing. How do spammers think they would get any attention by posting nonsense that automatically ends up in spam anyway? Even though I know that commenting and guest blogging on other blogs is a good way to visitors, I would never use this to spam and I’m not planning to become rich by blogging anyway.

So, when I visit a blog, I only comment when I have something to say that relates to the blog – e.g. answer a question that has been asked in the post or write about an experience I made that relates to the blogger’s post. If the other blogger then decides to have a look at my blog, too, that’s nice, but I don’t expect it.

I usually check out all the people who “like” my blog after a while. I sometimes just wait until a few have liked the blog and wait until I feel like having a blog session and then I browse through the various blogs of the people who have visited me. It’s not because I feel it’s a duty but it’s because I’m interested in who is reading my words and to see whether there are any kindred souls out there who write about things I am interested in. I like learning about other people’s thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes I really like the blogs I find through visiting people who visited my blog. Sometimes I don’t really care much for the content of another blog. What does a blog need for you to like it/follow it/be really interested in it?

And YAY, today is my day off – so all I have to do is to look after the chickens, let the pigeons out of their loft and make sure they are all happy and the rest of the day is mine! Well, I also have to write two press releases for a client but that should not take more than half an hour!



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6 responses to “Blogs, interest and spam

  1. Spam is terrible, though I don’t see much of it. Usually it’s just extremely long links to sites, but other times they say something like this: “Oh, I love your information. Your blog is impressive. Keep it up!” And you know it’s spam because you can see where the guest commenter is posting from, and they are so vague that it can’t be a real person.

    • Thanks for your comment! I also noticed that spammers usually don’t put much effort into spelling and grammar. Most of them also do not have any kind of profile photo. For a while, a popular spam topic was SEO (search engine optimization) which went something like this: “I notice your site is good but might not get many visitors. I know SEO and can help you get thousands of visitors, visit: website”. I had quite a few of those on my other blog. I’m pretty sure the spammers or their bots go through the various tags on WP and other blog-sites, find posts with tags of interest to them and then automatically post a generic comment. That’s why it’s probably easy for WP to filter them as spam because if one profile posts 100 comments with the same content in an hour (or maybe less), then it’s unlikely to be a real person.

      • Oh yes, I’ve seen my fair share of those for certain! Spammers are terrible. Although, I haven’t had many on twitter, which is odd because people say twitter has tons of spammers.

  2. I’m very new to blogging…less than 2 months and I don’t care much for stats so spammers telling me how to receive more traffic gets a one way trip to the trash. I decided to blog to share my thoughts but I have to admit that I do feel flattered when I get visits and people leave meaningful comments. It feels like I’ve connected with people and I’ve found so many interesting and thought provoking blogs that it makes me happy to know that there are people out there who share similar thoughts and ideas. My faith in humanity has been restored. 🙂

    • I can’t really remember when I first started blogging or what my first blog actually was! I had my first homepage when I was a teenager and even programmed it myself with basic HTML – there weren’t many flash looking pages around at that time. This means, the internet has been a way for me to connect to like-minded people for about 14 years – that’s a long time. But something would be missing in my life without it: the belief that there are other people like me out there. I just wished, it would be easier to find them in “offline” life as well.

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