A dream with Ian McKellen

I’m not in a proper writing mood this morning. I woke up very tired and disappointed with the real world after a very beautiful dream at around 3am or so. Unfortunately, some of the chickens who roost in a tree (I never manage to get all of the chickens in the coops as they love trees) were scared by one of the cats who decided another tree would be a good option to get up to the balcony. She doesn’t do anything to the chickens but of course, they wouldn’t sit still when something strange climbs past them in the tree next to them. They screeched and flapped and as the tree’s only a few metres away from where I sleep, it woke me up. I’m very attuned to chicken noises. Maybe it’s comparable to a mum who always hears it when something’s up with her baby.

Anyway, the dream: I can’t remember it 100% but it was during some kind of convention or meeting, more like a theatre setting. When I walked across a hall after some “lecture” had finished, I noticed that Ian McKellen (who had been one of the speakers) had dressed up as Gandalf the White and was looking at me, wanting me to come and talk to him. I was so excited and I hadn’t expected a chance to get that close to him! Ian McKellen is one of my most important role models, not because he’s gay, not because he’s Gandalf, not because he’s a great actor: it’s because he is a fantastic human being, someone who lives and loves his job, someone who found what he is really good at and who shares it with the world, someone who uses his power to influence people to do good and someone who does good to be a good example to others. And I guess this made him a perfect choice for Gandalf: because Ian McKellen himself has the heart of an old, wise soul. The only other actor who could have pulled off Gandalf like he did would be Patrick Stewart.

In the dream, I could not believe that I would have the chance to talk to him! And for some reason, he knew me (maybe this was a dream of a future in which I am a famous author and he gets cast as one of the characters in a movie adaption of my books). What he did was to simply give me a nice, long hug. A proper one. One that makes you feel like someone cares about you and wants to take all the sadness out of your life. And then the damn cat had to climb up that tree…. SIGH.

Isn’t it interesting how dreams can show us feelings that we do not know in real life? Why do you think that is? Because we see movies and documentaries and read about various things and then have certain ideas in our head about how something is supposed to be? Or is it because we have lived before and previous memories of our soul play a part in the dreams? Or is time irrelevant to dreams and it can show us things that we have not experienced yet but that are at some stage at least possible in our lives?

If the latter is the case, then I certainly need to work hard on my book because meeting Ian McKellen would be such an honour even without the hug!



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3 responses to “A dream with Ian McKellen

  1. Our subconscious thoughts often reveal themselves in our dreams. Maybe you’re longing for a hug or a connection with someone you care about or from someone who’s important to you. Maybe it was just a random dream. who knows. Bloody cat! 🙂

    • I certainly would need some kind of connection with a kindred spirit in “real” life – it’s quite a lonely life here because I’m surrounded by people who don’t really have much of an understanding of who I truly am. For various reasons, I cannot get away from here though. Every day I walk to the mailbox, waiting for a letter from immigration which would tell me whether I’m allowed to stay in the country or not. Depending on that letter, I can then make my next moves…. until that arrives, I am kind of “stuck”. And they take their time.

      • I know exactly what you mean. My kindred spirit is proving to be quite evasive but we are where we are because that’s where we need to be. When the time is right your papers will arrive and like the pigeons and chickens you will fly. Keep the faith sis, it’ll come.

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