Supplies for writing and starting

I honestly did not believe that I would be able to stick to writing this blog each morning, esp. because many of my nights are short (not because I don’t go to bed in time but because the people in the house often wake me up as they have not learned the skill of closing doors in a normal, reasonably quiet way) and I usually don’t wake up feeling very happy. But here I am, still writing.

Even though I did not yet do that much on my book, I started working on it again after many years of not touching it, not daring to touch it because I was worried I’d ruin the story. I am still worried because there are many things in the book about which I’m not sure how I could write them, how I would be able to write them so they work out fine. Yesterday, I ordered myself some stationery and art supplies: pencils, erasers, a pencil sharpener, an art sketchbook, a journal and various other things. I need to work properly this time, draw proper maps (as well as I’m capable of), write an outline of some of the stories and create some sort of time-line, so I would at least have an overview of what is happening to whom and when. I can always add in smaller stories that will pop up naturally later. In the past, I did not think something like this was important and that all good authors just write without planning – but after reading books about writing, I know that this is not the case. The story has lived within my head for many years and developed in my head, so getting everything that’s there in a rough outline would be a good start, I guess!



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7 responses to “Supplies for writing and starting

  1. When the time is right, inspiration will flow. Don’t rush or force it. What’s the book about?

    • It’s a fantasy story, most likely split into two books as one half focuses on a sacred river and the other one on a more or less sacred mountain spirit.

      • Sounds good. What’s the reasoning behind it? Has it got something to do with a spiritual journey?

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t go into much detail because unfortunately, I had ideas stolen over the internet before. I don’t say you’d do it, but anyone could read the comments and think “hey, that sounds new, I could use that idea and simply be quicker than that blogger”. Once, someone used a poem of mine on her website, pretending it was hers and unfortunately it’s not easy to really find everyone who does things like that. I’ve read many books, esp. in the fantasy genre, but so far none of them had the story I have in mind. I always wondered “Why does no one ever write something like that?” So maybe it’s my job to write this story.

      • I understand. Keep at it. I’d definitely buy a copy when you’re done and if you go to press with it I’ll be expecting a signed copy! 😉

      • Thanks. I hope that there will be a printed version of the book as proper books are quite a different story from eBooks but with the current state of the publishing world, self-publishing (in eBook form) might the the only step to initial success and then see where that leads.

      • Well keep at it. 🙂

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