Why I read

Today I was tempted to simply read a book instead of writing my daily morning blog but I know that I have to get started and shouldn’t laze around because there’s a lot to do! Even though it’s may day off today, I have quite a few writing jobs going on, there will be another pigeon toss (Lucy came back the day before, so that was a relief) and at some stage, I would also like to find some time to play some “Lord of the Rings online” – my favourite computer game.

But reading would be a good thing to write about – why do people read and why do I read? There are millions of people out there who cannot read and will most likely never get the chance to learn that skill. This is quite sad because reading is such a great tool and opens up so many possibilities. And then there are the people who can read but who don’t enjoy it.

I fall into the group of people who love reading and who read a lot. I guess, if it was different I would have a hard job with being a book reviewer! So one reason why I read is because one of my jobs is reviewing books. But I mainly read because it lets me learn new things and lets me travel to places and worlds or even dimensions that I would otherwise never be able to experience. I am also able to learn new languages, learn about history and science. Thanks to books, I can travel through Japan in my mind and even explore made-up worlds like Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

I read when I’m happy and I read when I’m sad and often reading distracts me enough to forget about my own problems and thoughts for a while.Reading is a great and useful experience – I’m not sure what my life would look like if reading wasn’t a part of it. I certainly would not have the same kind of education nor would I know much about other countries and people!

How important is reading in your life and why do you read?


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  1. Music is to me as reading is to you. I used to be an avid reader and still read a bit but I love my music. I love exploring different genres and the type I listen to usually reflects my mood. I love live gigs because I can immerse myself in the moment, feel the passion of the musicians and having sung and played in a few bands when I was younger gives me first hand knowledge and understanding. Truly is food for the soul. Your love for reading has no doubt inspired you to write, with the added bonus of being able to make some money from something you enjoy doing.

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