How do you treat and reward yourself?

Often you can’t rely on other people to make your day or reward you for something you’ve done. Often it’s up to you to look after yourself and give yourself a special treat – and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s important that people look after themselves, esp. if they aren’t surrounded by friends and family. Sometimes you have to be your own best friend.

My special treat is usually buying myself special coffee, i.e. not the usual stuff you get from the supermarket. I order myself some coffee specialities from Japan (yes, Japan of all places!) when I receive little extra writing jobs which bring in some additional money. Other times (when I still have coffee supplies) I simply go for the good old chocolate or a time-out on the farm with a book. My treats were different when I used to live in a proper town instead of in a rural area – but I know that I need to motivate myself by buying myself something special every now and then. Because for me it’s a fact: Unless I get something for myself, no one will. And even though I sometimes feel worthless and of no importance, I know that I deserve a treat every now and then!

What do you do to treat or reward yourself and do you always need a special reason to do so?


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  1. I try and treat myself every month. Doesn’t have to be expensive or big or even anything that requires money. It’s a part of my transition. I always do so much for people and neglect myself, so I trying to learn how to do things for me without feeling guilty.

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