Missing days of blogging

To regular readers of my blog it might seem like I’ve been a bit slack last week – and I have to admit that I had a few problems with getting motivated to go to my computer in the mornings, esp. because it’s so cold and dark in the early mornings (we’ve just had the shortest day of the year here in New Zealand). I made the mistake of staying in bed longer the last few days (i.e. getting up at 6.30am instead of 6am). That half hour is what I’m missing, so I simply need to make myself get up at that time again! I’ll just have to have a few warm tops ready next to my bed for the mornings (no central heating here in NZ) so that I at least won’t get too cold!

At least I’m still getting back to the blog even if I missed a day here and there. I hope to be back again in full force by tomorrow!


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  1. And we just had the longest day of the year! Even though I know it’s winter there it still seems strange to hear it. Wrap up warm and keep posting. 🙂

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