A dream of fire

This night, I had quite a few dreams – or maybe it was just one long dream. The part I can remember best is when I was in a city that I did not know. It had some similarities to Rome but I’m sure it wasn’t Rome. It was some sort of mix of various places I have been to and lived in, I guess. I walked down a street during dusk and saw a big building in the distance burning. It was a rather antique looking building, a mix of old Rome and modern time tower/temple. First I thought it was part of a show or regular feature of the town, so I took photos with my cell phone because I didn’t have my camera as I did not expect anything special to happen. But then the fire was spreading and suddenly I realized I better get out of there because it was coming closer – very quickly. I wanted to run out of the city but it had no end and the fire was surrounding me. Strangely enough there were no other people at all. Then  I noticed some sort of river – the dirty kind of river you find in cities, not a nice clean mountain or forest river. But I knew that the water would be my best bet to survive, so I looked for a save place to get into the river without breaking my bones. When I jumped into the river, I woke up.

Fire can have many meanings in dreams and I have no idea which one would fit best. However, dreams can’t change anything anyway. No Gandalf or Xena this time!



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2 responses to “A dream of fire

  1. Hello again, how are you? Just nominated you for the ‘Shine On’ award. See: http://topofthetent.wordpress.com/

    • Thank you – never expected something like that. I’ve read your blog about it and will take this as an opportunity to write on my blog again. Geez, I’ve been neglecting it for a few days because I’ve been so overwhelmed with writing and translating work (I need to learn to say “no” every now and then, lol). I hope I’ll get to write something tomorrow as it’s my day off farm work and I should have a few hours more time in my day 🙂

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