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Why did I take on another job?

Today is one of the days during which I ask myself why it’s so hard for me to say “no” when someone offers me a writing job. Last week, I was worried about my finances and about not having any good writing jobs (as in bigger projects that bring in more money and keep me bust for a while). So I applied for all the jobs I thought would suit me, knowing that there is a lot of competition and you usually don’t get all of the jobs you apply for anyway.

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t write on the blog for a few days – but that doesn’t mean I didn’t write in the mornings. I’ve been very busy with the translation of a non-fiction book (and need to finish it in about four days), the translation of rush texts for websites, the writing of 78 daily tarot card readings for an esoteric portal and the translations of SEO texts. The latter is a regular job, I just didn’t expect that my client would suddenly drop six batches of texts on me at the same time!

The rush translations I could have said “no” to, but earning $40 in 40 minutes is quite tempting, isn’t it? And those rush translations don’t come along every day. So I’ve been covered in work after a few days of wondering whether I’d ever get a job again!

So, I am still alive – I just wanted to let you know 😉 And I will try to write again tomorrow morning because I’ve got to reply to an award nomination from Safia.



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