A dream on Sunday morning

It is Sunday morning, and my attempt of sleeping in ended at about 6.25 am (I usually get up at 6 am on work days). I felt quite refreshed and thought it would be later, so I was surprised to find out it was still so early. I then had my breakfast and a cup of coffee, replied to a few messages and now I am here to write the first proper “morning hours” post in what seems like ages.

I woke up from a dream that was a mix of nightmare and hopeful dreaming. The dream was about leaving New Zealand. It started in a house I’ve never seen before and I packed my few belongings. I felt incredibly sad in that part of the dream, but also angry and frustrated. The dream moved on to a rather odd airport that had heaps of escalators. I remember it from dreams I had before, this place sometimes turned up in the past few years. But this time one of the escalators led to some sort of airport supermarket that also had fresh fruit and vegetables. I was travelling with other people – the company of dwarves from the Hobbit amongst a few others. We went through the supermarket, but when we left, I went back the escalators again because I wanted to get something to read. Thorin Oakenshield then quickly told the others he had forgotten something and followed me. He found me in one of the aisles of the supermarket that was suddenly completely abandoned – there was no noise, no other people, nothing. He came close to me and started singing the song of the lonely mountain into my ear. Then I slowly woke up, the words of the song fading.

The dream left me feeling a bit sad, but also encouraged. That particular song (both versions of it) means a lot to me – I guess because it also talks of people who have lost their home and want to reclaim it. I never heard it in one of my dreams before though. I also did not remember many of my dreams in the past few weeks. I usually am more aware of my dreams when I work on my own things – so maybe this dream is a really good sign.


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