The Facebook experiment

I have been in a new place for a few days. I’m currently on the North Coast of Scotland, where they still have fires during June because it’s usually cold. I will be here for a total of five and a half weeks, and then – who knows… I have plans for September and October, but nothing for August. But never mind that.

When I left the organic farm I was working on as a volunteer for almost three months, many people made quite a big deal out of me leaving, acting as if they were sad, saying that they would stay in touch and so on, and so on. I say “acting” because after one week of not being there, not one of them got in touch with me, and only one responded to a message I left her on Facebook. Someone else even received a written letter, and a longer email from me (as I wanted to come back to the place as an apprentice). But even to that I have not received a reply, not even a short “sorry, but no, thank you”.

So, for a while, I will try an experiment on Facebook. I often post photos, share interesting articles etc. Someone said that it would be unusual not to see me on Facebook, and that they’d be “worried” if my posts were missing. I will put that to the test in the next couple of weeks. I will not post a single thing on Facebook, not “like” anything, not comment on things. I wonder whether anyone will truly notice that I’m not active on FB, whether even just one single person would truly notice. I’m afraid nobody will.

Real friends would be in touch on other channels, too, anyway. I guess I just don’t have any real friends. I’m not the kind of person people “like”. I’m someone you only get to know after quite a bit of time – for most people that’s just too much effort. Or maybe I’m just a hopeless case – something like the manure you put in your garden. It’s needed to grow really good vegetables, but nobody wants to spend too much time with it. And once it’s where it’s needed, it’s out of your mind.


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