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WordPress ineffective?

I was just comparing the stats for my blog here on WordPress, and my other blog on blogger. The other one I have not updated in ages, yet I still get a regular stream of visitors – usually around 200 a week. Here on WordPress my blog received 240 visitors in a whole year even though I do share my posts on Facebook and Twitter (as if my friends would read this – but hey, you can always try). My main source of the few visits I get seems to be the WordPress site itself by people who use tags to search for blogs. And sometimes some of the people who “follow” my blog might read my posts – often this is not the case though. Sometimes I think people just randomly follow others with a click to encourage them to have a look at their blog in return. I don’t know.

As I am thinking about becoming more active with blogging once more, I am wondering about whether there is a point in keeping this blog. I also tried to copy exact phrases from my posts into Google to see whether my blog turns up. But no, not even with exact phrases! And I know that my settings are on “allow robots” – so I do not know why my blog does not show up on Google at all.

If I returned to blogger though, I would have to re-do my other blog because I don’t like the current look of it. Yet it would make sense: there is more traffic, and more potential readers. And the more people come and visit you, the more likely it is that you will receive some feedback. And feedback is something I would love in 2015 – I know that for many topics I will not be able to ask anyone I know, they simply do not care, so it would be nice to be able to find some readers with shared interests.

What is your experience? Do you get many visitors on WordPress, or have you made a similar experience when you compared two different blogs of yours on two different providers?


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Foggy morning, early chickens, comments and mail

Today, there is a lot of fog out there and somehow it seems like it has found a way into my brain and my computer as well – both very slow to start up today! Even though it was still dark an hour ago, the chickens ran around in their coop, calling out, expecting their food. In our language it’s probably something like: “Who cares whether it’s still dark at this time today? Give us our food and give it to us now!” Well, anyway, the chickens are happy by now – at least as far as I can tell.

I’m a bit late today and will already have to get out again in about 10 minutes, so there’s not too much time to write this morning.  Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog so far – it really shows that the community on WordPress is a lot better than what I experienced on Blogger ( over 7000 hits and hardly any comments – and the comments I received there are often not long nor meaningful).

Today, I received some of the supplies I ordered. But of course, they had to send two parcels and one is still on the way. So I have everything but the pens, pencils and things I actually need to use everything else that arrived today. When I opened the parcel, I actually said “LOL” in my mind.

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